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It’s getting hairy! Avoid premature hair loss with these tips

Let’s make it clear first, hair loss is not the same as baldness (confusing? In a moment we clarify it) While baldness is a genetic predisposition, hair loss has many factors of why you are suffering from it. Losing hair from the sides, what we know as “temples” or at the top “crown” can be identified as one of the first family inheritances of which you are already a creditor. On the other hand, to notice that you are leaving traces of hair in all the places where it touches your head is something that you should pay particular attention since it can be caused by many factors among which the environment, your lifestyle, stress, or hormonal changes are highlighted

There are a couple of factors that you should pay particular attention to if you want to follow your leafy hair:

Pay special attention to styling products, their components can be very heavy or high in toxins and this can clog the follicle and prevent hair from growing. Use a deep cleansing routine accompanied by a scalp massage and opt for cleaning products that estimate growth that offer deep hydration.

Did you know that protein is not just for muscles? The hair is mostly composed of protein, the strength of this is directly linked to our diet, so you should ensure the consumption of foods high in protein as an essential part of your care.

The ideal foods for strong hair are those that have a high biotin content such as egg and those that contain Omega 3 such as fish and salmon.

An extra help can be found in hair products with which you will make the perfect dumbbell following the advice selected above. The products of the Tricomin® range are an excellent option, since it gives a hair all the vitamins that they could be taking care of such as copper peptides, essential amino acids and minerals.

While you take care of your health, Entice will take care of your image. Our product range has something for you, visit our website and find out!

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