Return Policy

All cosmetic products (skin care, makeup, creams, garments) once sold cannot be returned or replaced unless it is defective or expired at the time of receiving it.


  • For any product you wish to return, you must contact us within 5 days of receiving it.
  • Products claimed for a return must have the original or adequate packaging to avoid damage during transport.

Return Policy on Shapewear Products

No exchanges or refunds will be accepted on the following cases:

  • If the article has been manipulated.
  • Improper use from what is specified in the manual.

The customer must request a refund or exchange within 5 days of receiving it by shipping back the product(s) with the original packaging, along with any accessories that may be included. Submit an email addressed to [email protected] requesting a refund or exchange and provide a brief explanation. In compliance with the foregoing, ENTICE SKINCARE will refund the total amount of the canceled order within 30 days from the date of recipient of the product(s).

The customer must return the product(s) in the exact condition in which it was received and will not accept returns of used items. It must be sent with the original packaging and labeling and in the same box or envelope in which it was sent. In its absence, it must be returned in packaging that guarantees the returned item(s) condition to not be worsened. Additionally, you must include a copy of the invoice within the package. The customer is to assume all shipping and insurance costs as to the terms of the aforementioned article of the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

ENTICE SKINCARE accepts returns of products purchased at if the product is damaged or defective.

  • If the content of the product is less than that indicated on the package, bottle or packaging.
  • If the product does not correspond to the quality, brand, or specifications and other substantial elements under which it was offered.


For the health and well-being of the customer, there are NO exchanges or refunds in: cosmetic tweezers, brushes and applicators of makeup, creams, treatments for the skin or hair and garments. There are no exchanges or refunds in promotional items and free of cost gifts when purchasing another product.

ENTICE SKINCARE will only issue a refund for returned items by using the same payment method used to purchase as long as the products have not been altered or used. In compliance with the above, ENTICE SKINCARE will issue a full refund of the order returned within a maximum of 30 days.

ENTICE SKINCARE will replace the product(s) within a reasonable period that shall not exceed 30 days, within 15 days of the claim being filed. ENTICE SKINCARE is not liable for delays caused by the parcel company or availability of the product. In case ENTICE SKINCARE does not have a replacement of the returned product(s) in stock, it will propose to the client to deliver a different product of the same value and that fulfills a similar function with similar characteristics as that requested by the client.

ENTICE SKINCARE may refuse to satisfy the claim if it is untimely, when the product has been used in conditions other than those recommended or proper to its nature or destination or if it has suffered an essential, irreparable and serious deterioration for reasons attributable to the consumer.

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