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Spring & Summer Skin Care Tips

Windsor, ON – As the seasons change, so does our skin, and there are some important actions we must take to be proactive when it comes to skincare, according to St. Clair Esthetician student Kaitlyn Babington.

“You may have noticed that during the winter months, your skin becomes dehydrated and flaky, while in the summer months, due to the humid air, our skin retains more moisture,” explains Babington. “It is important to protect our skin as we shift from the cold, dreary winter weather to the warm sunny days of spring and summer.”

To make sure you’re ready for spring and summer, Babington suggests adding some of the following to your skincare regime:

Tip #1: Spring cleaning
As the season changes from winter to spring, it is important to stay on top of your cleansing routine. By cleansing your face twice a day for 1-2 minutes a day, you can easily remove all the impurities to reveal clearer, healthier, glowing skin! Add a gentle exfoliator to your skin care routine to slough off any of the dead surface cells. This will allow your moisturizers to work more efficiently and penetrate deeper into the layers of the skin.

Tip #2: Increase hydration levels
If your skin is feeling tight and you cannot seem to fight the flakiness of winter skin, it is time to put more hydration back into your skin. To do this, add a moisturizer high in hyaluronic acid. Hyaluronic acid is a moisture-binding ingredient that keeps the skin looking hydrated and youthful. It is also advised to add supplements high in Omega fatty acids to your diet, as these too can increase hydration levels that are needed to restore your skins barrier properties.

Tip #3: Always wear an SPF!
UVA and UVB rays are extremely harmful to our skin and cause serious effects such as premature aging and sun damage if not properly protected. This makes it super important to add an SPF of 15 or more to your skin care regime. Depending on how much sun you will be getting during the day, you may need a higher SPF. Apply an SPF after cleansing the face to make sure it is doing its job properly!

Tip #4: Don’t forget your neck!
During the spring and summer months, we tend to show more skin. Our neck and chest are exposed to so much more during these warmer months and need extra attention. It is important to make sure you are cleansing, moisturizing and applying an SPF to these areas to prevent and repair the signs of aging.

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