DNA Total Repair


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Pure DNA Repair Enzymes

1.0 fl. oz


For all skin types, even the most sensitive exhibiting at-rest wrinkling, distinctive pigment changes, prominent discolorations, small but noticeable blood vessels and/or visible keratoses.


  • Speed recovery from previous sun-inflicted DNA damage.
  • Intensify the skin’s ability to self-correct and resist future photodamage.
  • Diminish the visible signs of DNA damage, including fine lines, wrinkles and discolorations.


Rich serum with smooth consistency absorbs quickly.

    Highlighted Ingredients:

    Photolysomes produce a 45% reduction in UV-induced DNA damage after a single exposure to photo activating light.

    Mitosomes recognize the most common form of oxidative damage to DNA and eliminate 90% of oxidative damage in 2 hours.

    Endosomes intensify the skin’s ability to repair sun-inflicted DNA damage and speed recovery by their excision mechanism.

    Evodia Rutaecarpa, the active components from the Evodia fruit, have been shown to inhibit inflammation and soothe aggravated skin.

    Ergothioneine. Super antioxidant. Tops the ORAC score.

    How to use: Apply immediately after cleansing in the a.m. and p.m. daily. Follow with moisturizer, in addition to SPF protection after morning application.