Skincare: The perfect Valentine’s Day date

Skincare: The perfect Valentine’s Day date

With Valentine’s Day around the corner, you might want to prepare for the best date ever: a date with yourself!

February in California is not the warmest in the year, so when Valentine’s Day comes, a pretty dress, a nice jacket and a beautiful smile is all you need to be the star of the night. But as the weather gets chillier, our skin needs more hydration.

The key for having a beautiful glass skin is the moisturizer.

To achieve it you need to prepare your skin:

  • Wash your face in the morning with a soft cleanser and lukewarm water.

FS12 Dermo-Cleanser

  • Use a hydrating serum taping gently the skin with your fingers. Be careful in the eye area, some serums are not for those parts of our face.

Regenerating Facial Serum

  • Apply eye cream or gel. A cream that regenerates skin and works with the fine wrinkles would be the best option!

Eye Contour Gel

  • Use a nice hydrating, cell renewal face cream. A cream with growing factors that combine elastin and collagen will help your skin to look the best, fleshier and beautiful.

Day Cream-Gel: Hydrating Complex

Do not forget at the end of the day, remove your makeup, and wash your face again! There are different moisturizers for every time of the day, so, one for the night would be the ideal.

If you have a date or not, Valentine’s Day is the perfect day to spoil yourself. A day with your significant other, a night with the gals or just a spa day with yourself and a cup of wine. Whatever the choice would be, lets always give our best face, and the best face comes with the best skin. A moisturize skin.    

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